A Handy Mobile Assistant to DVDFab 11

DVDFab Remote

Check Real-Time Task Status on DVDFab

Get In-time Push Notifications on Update

As a handy mobile app, DVDFab Remote allows you to conveniently monitor the real-time task status in DVDFab 11 on a smart phone screen. You don't need to sit at your computer just to wait for the tasks to be finished. Instead, you can do other things needed to be done, while DVDFab 11 is doing its own job.

Additionally, you can receive timely push notifications on your smart phone, whenever there is a new version available, or whenever there is an ongoing promotion live online. Simply put, it can keep you timely informed, so that you shall never miss out on any important update, or the best chance to grab a hot deal.

Send Videos from Your Device Directly to Video Converter

Want to transfer the videos shot by your smartphones or tablets to DVDFab Video Converter for further editing? In the past, you need to do the transfer by connecting your device to your computer via the data cable. Now with DVDFab Remote, that process is made easier and faster. Keep the Remote app running and connected to DVDFab 11 via Wi-Fi hotspot, you can wirelessly and directly import videos from your device to the video converter module, no need to bother the data cable anymore.

Monitor the Real-Time Task Status on DVDFab 11

Simply pick up your phone, you can at anytime check the real-time task status on DVDFab 11, like which task has completed successfully, which has failed, which is still waiting in the task queue, along with other detailed information like completion percentage, and estimated time remaining etc. As long as you are within your home Wi-Fi's radar, you will always be connected to DVDFab 11 on your smart phone.

Get Notifications If DVDFab Needs Your Intervention

If a popup dialog appears in DVDFab 11 and asks for your intervention in person, DVDFab Remote will immediately receive a push notification telling you what is happening. At this point, you will have to go to your computer to perform that required action accordingly. The push notifications also include updates of DVDFab 11 and information about ongoing hot promotions. You shall never miss out on anything important.

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System Requirements

★ iOS 9.0 or above
★ Android 4.0 or above
★ Live Wi-Fi connection

Recommendation: The All-New DVDFab 11

DVDFab 11 comes out with completely redesigned user interfaces based on unique software architecture, framework and operational logics that will surely present customers a fresh feeling and an improved user experience.

Besides, there are also the blazing fast cloud decryption service for DVDs, the all-new conversion engine in Ripper and Converter modules for 64-bit systems, the brand new task manager that makes task management easier, the archived task feature to save the tasks with user’s personal settings upon unexpected program crash or quit, and even the ability to change program UI skins, or to set the online movie poster of the loaded DVD/Blu-ray as UI background.

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