DVD Converter | How to Convert Videos to DVD Free

2020-05-28 04:29:04

Summary: This article aims to demonstrate users how to burn videos into DVD with various formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MPEG and VOB with blazing fast speed and high quality with the aid of professional DVD converter like DVDFab DVD Creator.



Article Contents:

1. Why Choose DVD Converter | DVDFab DVD Creator

2. How to Create DVD with Video to DVD Converter

   2.1 Everything You Shall Know when Creating DVDs with this DVD Converter

   2.2 How to Create DVDs with this DVD Converter Software

3. Conclusion



There might be times when you are reluctant to stream videos online with a small screen on smartphone. Because keeping your eyes on mobile screen for a long time is quite harmful to your sight and health in the long run. Thus, to resolve this problem, this post will take you through how to make a DVD from video files so that you can enjoy DVD contents on home DVD players.


1. Why Choose DVD Converter | DVDFab DVD Creator


Normally, a DVD Converter means converting videos of any video formats to DVD format (DVD disc, ISO file or DVD Folder) so that converted DVD can be playable on home DVD players. 


Why do you need to choose a DVD converter? To be specific, there might be occasions when most DVD players on the market do not support MKV playback. In this case, you need to convert MKV to DVD and burn it onto DVD disc, or play DVD folder or ISO file on player software like DVDFab Player 6. More often than not, you like collecting DVDs for memory via burning DVDs from video files and even for better playback on larger screen at home theatre.


Hence, to burn videos into DVD fast and well, you probably need a professional DVD converter to fix your problem. After all, selecting the best DVD converter software from an ocean of possible programs can help you achieve remarkable results. Here comes a well-received DVD Converter, DVDFab DVD Creator, which boasts prominent features that have made it stand out from the rest rivals.


•  Creates standard DVD disc/ISO/folder from videos of various formats

•  Intuitive menu templates (static/dynamic) to make DVDs professional

•  Built-in menu library with timely update for stylish and modern looking

•  Switches audios and subtitles during playback

•  Supports personalized modifications to elements and widgets inside the menu templates like background art, Play/Pause, Previous/Next, thumbnails, text font, size and color

•  Smart preview available before final modifications

•  Supports external subtitles

•  Available on Windows & Mac, 30-day free trial


These are the reasons why you shall choose this marvelous video to DVD converter. But what counts is to master how to use this DVD converter to burn DVD from video files.



2. How to Create DVD with Video to DVD Converter


As a disc lover, you might look to convert your personal home videos shot with smartphones. No worries!  DVDFab DVD Creator comes to your aid. But before figuring out how to use this DVD Converter, you need to make clear of these technical terms. 


DVD ISO: an exact image of a physical DVD that you can store on your PC’s hard drive and can burn later to a blank DVD disc.


DVD Folder:  an exact copy of the audio and video data stored on the physical DVD disc. A DVD Folder is like a directory which contains DVD movie files. DVDFab gives you the freedom of creating DVD discs, ISOs, and folders from your MKV MP4, and other video formats.


Aside from burning DVD physical disc, this DVD Converter is able to convert videos of all possible formats into DVD folder and ISO file. Now mind that this video to DVD converter is an integral part of DVDFab 11. So you have to download and install it. Check the download links as below.



 ·   DVDFab 11 Online Installer File for Windows and Mac – Download Here

 ·   DVDFab 11 Offline Installer (Full Software Package) for Windows and Mac – Click Here

Scroll down and look for DVDFab 11. Download the software and follow the on-screen instruction for a successful installation.


A Word of Advice: If you intsall this DVD converter free program fro the first time, you can enjoy a 30-day full trial without limits. After this period of validity, you need to purchase its paid version.



 2.1 Everything You Shall Know when Creating DVDs with this DVD Converter


When you aim to create DVD with such a professional DVD converter, the following detailed guideline will be your morning star since it fully reflects the outstanding features and customized options endowed by this video to DVD converter.


 ·  Once the software gets installed on your PC or Mac, open the program, click  ‘Creator’  and select  ‘Creator Mode’ as ‘DVD Creator’.



 ·  Click  ‘+Add from Local’  or ‘+’ button in the middle to load  video file(s) of your choice like MKV, MP4, FLV, VOB or any other video format.


 ·  After loading the file the interface looks like this below. Also check the important labelling.



 ·  You can select ‘Audio Language’, and ‘Subtitles’ from your video, and preserve all the audio languages if your MP4 video supports multi audio streams.


 ·  Click  ‘Advanced Settings’ button and change settings like ‘Output’, ‘Video Quality’, ‘TV Standard – (NTSC or PAL)’, and ‘Aspect Ratio’ as per personal preference.



 ·  If you select ‘Same as Source’ in ‘Video Quality’ , then the video quality and size will stay same with the original source. When you choose “Fit to Disc”, this DVD converter will make the video source fit the size of the target disc.


Special Note #1: This DVD converter software can output to either DVD5 or DVD9, in which DVD5 is a normal single layer 4.7GB disc, while DVD9 is a dual layer 8.5GB disc.


Special Note #2: You can add multiple video files into this DVD Converter at once to create a single DVD, and add multiple videos simultaneously as long as the size fits the DVD capacity. Suppose the size of your loaded videos exceeds 4300MB and you want to keep the quality of the original videos, you should select DVD9 as output which has a capacity of 8100MB according to DVDFab 11.



Special Note #3: This DVD Converter is able to create and burn physical discs of both DVD types which are DVD5 and DVD9. You can also create DVD5 or DVD9 type ISO or Folder and burn them later.


 ·  Now click ‘Set Menu’ button to launch DVD menu designer whihc looks like as below.



 ·  You can change DVD menu backgrounds from the backgrounds list that will appear upon clicking the ‘backgrounds’ icon.



 ·  Click anywhere in the free space of DVD menu frame to open the menu templates in the right corner. Click any template to apply to the menu as you like.



 ·  Click on any text to edit or format it. Click the ‘T’ button to add new texts.



 ·  After editing the menu click the ‘OK’ button to go back to main interface of the DVD Converter.



 2.2 How to Create DVDs with this DVD Converter Software


When it comes to converting videos like MP4, MKV, or AVI into DVD format, you have three options discussed as followsby means of this full-featured DVD converter.


Physical DVD: If you have a physical DVD5 or DVD9, you can burn it with this DVD Converter. Make sure you are using the correct blank DVD according to DVD output that you have selected in ‘Advanced Settings’. In the ‘Save to’ field, the optical drive shall be selected. Click ‘Copies’ field and change the number if you want to make multiple copies of DVDs. Then click the ‘Start’ button, you’ll be asked to insert a blank DVD in the optical drive. Just wait for some time until the DVD gets burned. After the process gets completed, you can directly play that disc on your DVD player or with player software like DVDFab Player 6.




DVD ISO: If you don’t want to burn a physical disc right now, you shall save an ISO. Click ‘ISO’ button and select the output directory, name your ISO and save it. Then click  ‘Start’ button to start creating a DVD ISO from your videos of MP4, MKV, AVI or any other video formats. Meanwhile, you burn this ISO onto a blank DVD5 or DVD9 disc whenever you like ,and play the burned disc on your DVD player or with player software.


DVD Folder: Next to ‘ISO’ button appears a ‘Folder’ button. You can save imported videos like MP4, MKV movies as DVD folder format. Click ‘Folder’ icon, select the output directory and save your DVD folder. Finally click ‘Start’ button to start converting your MP4 videos to this DVD folder.


The above-mentioned tips are how to create DVDs with this full-featured DVD converter software, with which you can flexibly choose to burn DVD physical discs, create DVD folders or ISO files. Besides, personalzied DVD navigation menu can be created via stylish menu templates and customized options are given to enrich your imagination and make DVD menu of your own features. With this DVD menu, you will be able to gain full control over playback as you like. 







Now you have got the hang of how to burn DVD disc and create DVD folder or ISO file with the professional DVD converter, DVDFab DVD Creator. This powerful video to DVD converter is worth your full trial. However, there might be occasions when you are unhappy with the resolution of your self-made videos. No bother! You can upscale video resolution with an AI powered video upscaler that can upscale video from 480p to 1080p, even from 1080p to 4k.  This AI video upscaling program is capable of working seamlessly with DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD to Blu-ray Converter and Video Converter, which will release mighty power out of your expectation.

① Produce studio-level home DVDs out of all formats of videos
② Burn the created DVDs to blank discs or save as ISO files/folders
③ Support all types of blank discs like DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Offer multiple sets of beautifully crafted menu templates
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster